Epic Story of Luca
Pott Productions

Epic Story of Luca

Epic Story of Luca is a turn-based RPG and was developed in 2013. It's still in a very early pre-alpha. Basically the world just contains what is seen on the screenshot (plus one npc) and there are only two enemy types. But it has a build in level-editor, so there's that.

Level Editor

The level editor can be opened via [ALT]-[B]. When the editor doesn't appear at first, try pressing this combination longer. Change the current layer with the number keys 0-3, the current tile with [RIGHT-CLICK]. [LEFT-CLICK] to set a tile. [ALT-D] turns the debug grid on and [ALT-V] saved the map.

Style: RPG
Platform: Windows
Status: early pre-alpha (Discontinued)

Download: Game (Windows) Source (C++)