Expos MIDIPlay
Pott Productions

Expos MIDIPlay (Open Source)

A little "8-Bit" (=All available instruments are Waveforms [Square, Triangle, Sinus, Sawtooth]) Midi-Player, I wrote. It supports m3u-Playlists, has no polyphony (yet?) and was made in C++11 with the Allegro Game Development Library (v.5.2). As it is completely useless to everyone it's also open source and under the do-whatever-you-like-idk-License. A fascinating product.

You can download the source code here, read the readme.txt. It's called that for a reason. If you are super lazy you can just download Dev C++ 5.11 with the TDM-GCC, and install Allegro 5.2 (really simple because you just gotta drop the files from Allegro into the bin/, include/ and lib/ folders. Watch out it's 32bit!).

Style: MIDI Player
Platform: Windows/(Also technically Linux, Mac OSX, iOS & Android but for those you gotta compile it yourself)
Status: Does what it should, Has no Polyphony, Crashes now and then but all in all pretty okay